Model GWB-GV Gravity Vibrator Open Mouth Bag Filler

Gravity vibrator style open mouth bag filler for packaging 20-110 pounds (9-50kg) bags with free flowing granular and pelleted materials at rate of 1-8 bags per minute

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Examples of Proper Application Include:

Powders mixed with fine granules

Sand (dry) and fertilizer


Hard grains/seeds and plastic pellets


The Model GWB-GV vibratory pan fed gross weigh bagger accurately fills open mouth bags with free flowing granules. Product flows using gravity, from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. The product is divided into two flows: one feeds to a gravity style swing gate (fast/bulk flow). The second feeds into a vibrating pan feeder (slow/dribble flow). The two feeders work together to deliver products to bags. When target weight is reached, the gravity gate closes and vibrating feeder stops. An air operated bag clam secures the bag to the spout, and automatically releases it once the target weight is reached.

Clean Operation:

The operator will place an empty bag into the spout and press a foot pedal to start the fill cycle. The foot pedal causes the air operated bag clamp jaws to close and hold the bag. The scale automatically sets itself to “auto-zero” and product is weighed, fed and loaded into bags. The combination gravity and vibration of pan feeders delivers product from the supply bin above into the empty bag below. When target weight is reached, feeders will stop, and air operated clamps will automatically release and discharge the bag from the filler.

Technical Specifications:

Weight range 20-110 pounds (9-50kg) valve bags

Typical scale weight accuracy +/- .5% of target weight

Electrical requirements-110 volt/1 phase/ 60 cycle

Fill rate 1-10 bags per minute (depending on options selected, product characteristics and bag sizing)

Control air 80-90 PSI (6bar) at 1 CFM(0.028 m3/min)

Recommendation dust collection 400 CFM minimum



Mild steel material contact

Air operated open mouth bag filling spout (sized per customer requirement)

Emergency stop palm button

Gravity vibrator (slow/ dribble feed)

Powder coated fabricated components

Digital load cell weighing scale

Foot pedal start actuator

Air operated swing gate material flow cutoff (fast/bulk feed)

NEMA 12 electrical enclosures

1 year limited warranty


S 304 S/S material contacting surfaces

DT air operated dust tight filling package

2 Bulk & dribble(two-stage) gravity gate material flow cutoff


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