Pre-Owned Bagging Equipment for Sale

The more of your business process you handle in-house, the more control you have over the product, outcome, and budget. Many businesses are considering deployment of used bagging machines or are updating older bagging equipment for future use.  First-time customers often choose to find a used bagger for sale, over investing in a costly, newer model.



By Buying a Used Bagger for Sale

CBE has used bagging equipment, parts and used baggers for sale, making it possible for customers to invest less up-front, and get more. Search our wide selection of used baggers and equipment below.

Used Open Mouth Bag Fillers

and Sealers

Stock #2015-178

Stock #2015-178

Used Valve Bag Fillers

Stock # 2016-163

Stock # 2016-164

Stock #2016-162

Stock # 2017-166

Stock #2016-161

Stock #2016-164

Stock #2016-164

Stock #2015-170

Stock # 2015-175

Can’t Find The Used Bagging Machine You’re Looking For?

Don’t see a used bagger that inspires you? Visit us regularly, to see our constantly changing used and new stock of products. If you still aren’t sure what you are looking for, start here and work your way through all our bagging equipment options and features.  Please note: Some photos on this page may not be the actual units but are of identical used models in similar conditions.

Stock #

Stock # 2015-174

Stock #2015-165

Stock #2015-167

Stock #2015-192

Stock #2015-193

Stock #2017-120

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Used Bagging Equipment to Meet Your Budget Requirements

Used Bagging & Packaging Equipment

All bagging and packaging equipment designated as “used” is sold “as is, where is.” All payments must be in cash, with no guarantee or warranty included.

Rebuilt Bagging Equipment

All packaging equipment designated as “rebuilt” is sold in “good operating condition,” on a cash basis, and carries a 30 day guarantee on all parts and components. Rebuilt bagging equipment has been quality checked and serviced, and all parts are inspected for normal wear and tear, and can be repaired or replaced as needed, as per company regulations.

Reconditioned Bagging Equipment

All packaging equipment and bag machine parts designated as “reconditioned,” have been put through a very specific QC process, which includes complete disassembly, sandblasting and re-paint. All motors, motor control panels, air cylinders, pneumatic control valves, hoses and fittings are replaced or new, unless otherwise specified. All reconditioned machines carry a limited warranty, to cover failure of components for 180 days from the shipment date, from our Taylor, TX facility.

Most Requested Packaging Machinery: Used 50 lb. Bagging Machine

Many customers considering the purchase of bagging equipment for the first time, gravitate toward our most requested bagger, our used 50 lb. bagging machine. Click here to be connected with a representative, waiting to answer your questions and guide you through the process.


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