Box, Drum & Pail Fillers use augers to package granular and powdered materials in rigid walled containers.  They can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or in automatic mode and are capable of filling containers weighing as much as 220 lbs. (100KG) at up to five per minute.   These machines are well suited for applications ranging from building products to minerals to food and neutraceuticals.

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Fills a wide range of finely ground, industrial grade powders in boxes, pails and drums. Delivers dependable, reliable performance in harsh operating environments.

Examples of materials this machine packages: mineral powders, cement powders, plaster, pigments, graphite.

Fills up to 5 boxes or pails per minute.

Clean-Duty Auger Box, Pail & Drum Filler Model 2530

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Packs a broad assortment of finely ground, sanitary powders into boxes, pails and drums. Perfect for applications that require thorough equipment cleaning between uses.

Examples of materials this machine packages: flour, bakery mixes, cocoa, spices, pepper, animal grade pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals.

Fills up to 5 boxes or pails per minute.

The Basics of Box, Drum & Pail Filling Equipment

Box, Drum, and Pail Fillers employ an auger to move materials into pre-formed, open top, rigid walled containers. They are often used to package products in harsh environments or in applications where rapid cleaning between runs is necessary.  Aeration is limted during filling to help reduce packaging and transportation costs.  Typical materials packaged with these machines include cement, minerals, pigments, graphite, flour, bakery mixes, cocoa, spices and animal grade pharmaceuticals.

Typical Applications for Box, Drum & Pail Fillers   

Box, Drum, and Pail Fillers from Choice Bagging Equipment are capable of filling 20-220 lbs. (9-100KG) containers with flaked, powdery, and/or granular products, at rates of up to 5 containers per minute (300 bags / hour).


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