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Please answer up to seven easy questions and we’ll narrow down our
catalog of 24 machines below to those most relevant for your application.

Question #1
What is your product or material?

Question #2
What type of product or material will you be packaging with this

No direct match was found for your product/material. Please answer a few more questions to identify which bagging machine(s) is best for your application.

Some examples of powders include flour, sugar, ground coffee, powdered milk, gunpowder, cosmetic powders,
and some pharmaceuticals.

Some examples of powders include builders sand, gun powders, cosmetic powders, toners, medicines and more.

Some examples of powders mixed with coarse granules include sodium bicarbonate, salts and more.

Some examples of granular materials are nuts, coal, sand, rice, coffee,
corn flakes, and fertilizer.

Some examples include rocks, large pellets, and food.

Some examples of flakes include metallic flakes, epoxy flakes,
cereal flakes, and more.

Some examples include: molasses, cosmetic materials,
baking materials, and soap.

Question #3
How would you describe the flow characteristics of your product or

Hint: Imagine filling a funnel measuring 12" in diameter at the top and 3" at the bottom with your material. Would it flow out by gravity without ANY assistance?

Question #4
What is the approximate bulk density of your product or material?
(what does it weigh in lbs. per cubic foot)?

Hint: Imagine filling a cardboard box measuring 12" X 12" X 12" with your material. Not
including the box how much do you think the material itself would weigh?

Question #5
What is the weight range you want to fill
with this machine?

Question #6
What type of bag / container will you be filling with this machine?

Question #7
What production rate do you require for your application?