With over 40 years of experience in bagging machine field service and repairs, our technicians provide quality services to make your bagging machines function properly. They can diagnose, repair or rebuild your bagging machine whether it is a Choice Bagging original design, or a product of one of the several legacy brands we support.

Field Service By Qualified Bagging Machine Technicians

Bagging Machine Maintenance Programs

Bagging Machine Repair & Rebuilding

Electronic Scale Conversions

The Best Field Service for Bagging Machines

When you buy high quality bagging machines from CBE, our qualified technicians will train you to operate and maintain them.  They can also help diagnose and repair any problems that may occur over time.  To keep your production line moving we offer these services for our machines and for legacy branded equipment as well.  Other brands we support include Black Diamond, HL Stoker, Chantland, MHE, St. Regis, and Stone Container®.

Because we’re a long established manufacturer, you can trust that our technicians have deep bagging equipment expertise.  Their extensive knowledge includes machine parts, product handling, bag sizing, and features affecting bag weight accuracy.  Our senior techs are so skilled that they can even diagnose problems with no apparent electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical causes.

As a CBE customer you can rely on our field service team to always keep you up and running. 

Valve Bag Filling Machine

Clean-Duty Auger Valve Bag Filler Model 2050

Contact Us for Bagging Machine Service

If you need help with a bagging machine problem, contact our field service team to schedule a call with a technician. We offer reasonable hourly rates and keep a large supply of parts in stock.

Note: Choice Bagging Equipment has no affiliation with The Chantland-PVS Company, The Chantland Company, or The Chantland-MHS Company.

Let CBE’s Field Service Experts Help You

Choice Bagging Equipment offers everything you need to maintain and repair your bagging machines. We have the knowledge, experience, parts and field service technicians necessary to keep your product line moving smoothly. Whether you need a machine repaired, rebuilt, or even just diagnosed, CBE is here to help. Additionally, we will train you to properly maintain and use any of our bagging machinery. Call our offices at (512) 352-3694 or contact us online to speak to a customer service representative today.

Choice Bagging Equipment has no affiliation with The Chantland PVS Company, The Chantland Company, or The Chantland MHS Company.

Bagging Machine Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Upgrade Programs

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Regular maintenance is absolutely crucial for the longevity of your bagging machines. Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement provides the attention your product line needs to maintain peak performance. This forward-thinking program also includes preferred hourly service rates and discounts on our large inventory of bagging machine parts.  All-in-all making it incredibly cost effective and convenient.  

Bagger ER Equipment Rebuilding Logo

Let CBE Rebuild Your Bagging Machine

Broken bagging machines put stress on the rest of the production line and waste time and money. Fortunately, our Bagger ER Equipment Rebuilding service is capable of rebuilding both Choice Bagging equipment and many legacy branded bag fillers.  We created this service because we know customers count on us to support and rebuild their old bagging machines.

Why Rebuild with Choice Bagging?

  • For 45 years we’ve been a manufacturer who services, rebuilds, and upgrades all brands and models of bagging machines
  • You’ll pay up to 50% less than the cost of comparable new equipment when you rebuild
  • Take it from us – rebuilt machines perform just as well as new equipment
  • Every rebuilt bag filler comes with a limited warranty on all machine parts

    Brands We Support, Service, & Rebuild

    • Choice Bagging Equipment
    • St. Regis
    • Stone Container®
    • Black Diamond
    • MHE
    • Eastern Packaging Services
    • H.L. Stoker
    • Packaging Systems Int’l®
    • JEM International
    • Express Scale Parts

    Electronic Scale Conversion

    Electronic scales are highly accurate methods of measuring package weight and are necessary for any modern production line.  Contact us to upgrade to easy to use digital scales today!


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