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CBE can supply stand alone bagging equipment
up to complete systems, including:

Valve Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Open Mouth Fillers

Bag Sewing

Bag Palletizing Systems

Bag Handling Conveyors

Bag Sealers

Stretch Wrapping Systems

Bagging automation products like these create a faster, safer and more lean manufacturing process. Let’s explore their capabilities in a bit more detail.

To view valve bag filler options, or for help choosing the right automated bagging solution for your business, click HERE.

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Open mouth bag fillers are very simple, fast-filling and easy-filling of both food grade and non-food grade materials. They are well suited for both manual and automated applications, and ideal for hard-to-handle materials or products that are dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty, ranging from landscaping materials, feed, seed & fertilizer to food products.

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Bulk bag fillers are gross weigh fillers, that simultaneously fill and weigh product as it is loaded into the bag.  Bulk bag fillers are typically gravity-fed through a slide-gate or butterfly valve, or mechanical feeders like an auger or rotary valve feeders.  Bulk bag fillers are an efficient, fast filling and economical method of packaging both agricultural and industrial materials, and designed to operate with both manual or automated systems. Bags are commonly used to package materials like fertilizer, food grains, seeds, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, industrial minerals, and industrial chemicals.

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Bag Closing Equipment

CBE offers a variety of industrial bag sealing and sewing equipment capable of sealing or closing paper, poly, and poly woven bags (both gusseted and non-gusseted.)  This includes “pinch bottom” sealers, multi-wall paper bags, band and hot air sealers for PE, PP, and foil bags, and sewing systems, for both paper and poly woven bags.

CBE’s Heavy-duty Bulk Bag Unloading System is designed to discharge bulk bags with free-flowing powders, granular or pelleted materials, into a downstream process or bag filling equipment.

 To view bulk bag unloaders.

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Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd. offers a wide variety of industrial portable bag sewers, sewing heads and pedestal mounted sewing heads. Sometimes called handheld, bag sewers are ideal for low volume (4-8 bags/minute) applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable. Mounted on pedestals or on bagging conveyors, fixed, large, sewing heads are used in high volume (6-20 bags/minute) bag closing applications. Plain sew and crepe tape models are offered in dual thread configurations.

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Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd. offers a variety of industrial bag sealers for paper and plastic bags. Paper Bag Sealing Systems are designed to seal “pinch bottom” multiwall paper bags which are a style of open mouth bag with a pre-glued flap. The pinch bottom sealer heats the glue to its melting point and then “pinches” it against the opposing wall of the bag to produce a secure sift-proof bag closure. Plastic bag sealers are used in applications where a poly based bag needs to be hermetically sealed. CBE offers a full line of innovative sealing systems that include both hot air and rotary band sealers to close plastic bags such as PE, PP, Tyvek, Polymylar, foil & Nylon bags.

To view bag sealing products, click HERE.

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CBE bag handling conveyors tip, flip, turn, straighten, flatten, check weigh, print, label, incline, and transport filled bags, from bag filling to bag palletizing systems.  CBE provides world-class bag transfer, incline or transport, bag flattening, turning, closing, v-through, reject and bag printing conveyors, in addition to bag kickers and weighers.

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CBE offers robotic bag palletizing systems, capable of stacking 1-24 bags per minute.  System options range from space and budget efficient low-speed options, to high-speed systems that integrate automatic pallet dispensing, bag palletizing, and automatic stretch wrapping, into a single process.  All palletizing systems offer increased reliability, ease of use, and after-sales support and services. Click to view bag palletizing systems. 

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CBE supplies a variety of high quality stretch wrappers that are ideal for securing and protecting a palletized load because the stretch film that apply to the pallet loads continuously tries to contract back to its unstretched state making it an optimal solution for maintaining load security and integrity during transport.

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Used Bagging Equipment

Keeping an eye on cost vs. reward is important for all businesses. Consider saving money by purchasing used, but painstakingly maintained equipment, in your next machinery upgrade. CBE only offers lightly-used and thoroughly inspected and maintained used bagging equipment – saving our customers money and getting them up and running faster.

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loaders and unloaders, or
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