Bagging Machines, Equipment & Systems

Bag & Container Fillers

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CBE valve bag fillers are fast filling, efficient machines for bagging powders and granules such as food ingredients, construction materials, industrial minerals, chemicals, pigments, and plastics.

Box, Pail & Drum Fillers

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CBE box and pail filling machines fill rigid walled containers such as boxes, pails and drums with powders and granulated materials like food ingredients and chemicals. 

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CBE open mouth bag fillers handle a wide range of materials from free-flowing to hard-to-handle materials including agricultural products, food ingredients and chemicals in sewn or heat-sealed bags.

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CBE bulk bag (FIBC) filling machines provide high throughput production along with safe, dust free filling for powders and granules such as food ingredients, agricultural products, chemicals, industrial minerals, and plastics.

 Bag Closers

CBE industrial bag sewing machines provide effective closure for paper and poly woven bags.  Our lineup includes simple handheld machines for starter applications up through high-speed fully automated systems.

CBE offers high quality industrial bag sealing machines for sealing paper, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and foil barrier film bags.

Conveyors, Palletizers & Wrappers

CBE bag handling conveyors automate the transfer, turning, straightening, flattening, check weighing, printing, metal detecting and labeling of bags all the way from filling to palletizing. 

bag palletizing system

CBE robotic bag palletizers replace the task of manual bag stacking with highly reliable and trouble-free automatic equipment designed to fit into tight spaces and meet the needs of any production requirement.

bag palletizing system

CBE offers high quality stretch wrappers to secure and protect palletized loads during transport.  Our range of options includes semi-automatic machines for low production requirements as well as fully automated systems for high-speed applications.

CBE bulk bag (FIBC) unloaders provide safe, dust free discharging of powders and granulated materials from bulk bags. Materials are then transferred to processing and bag filling equipment for re-loading into smaller bags.

Used Bagging Equipment

Do you have an unfinished packaging project, but no budget left?  Sometimes sacrifices must be made to get the job done, other times not.  With our pre-owned equipment program, you can find a good quality bag filler and pay up to 60% below the cost of a comparable new machine.

Contact us now to learn about equipment options for your application.

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