Industrial Stretch Wrappers

CBE supplies a variety of high quality stretch wrappers that are ideal for securing and protecting a palletized load because the stretch film that apply to the pallet loads continuously tries to contract back to its unstretched state making it an optimal solution for maintaining load security and integrity during transport.

Model HPS Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Model HPS Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper is a highly efficient and cost effective machine for pallet wrapping.  The operation of this machine is simple.  An operator places a filled pallet on the turn table and activates the stretch wrapper from a remote while seated on the forklift.  The HPS will then automatically affix the lead end of the stretch film to the pallet, wrap the pallet to an adjustable program and finally trim the tail end of the film as the system completes its routine so that the system operator can return to remove the filled pallet from the system.  Up to 15 Pallets per Hour are Possible.

    Model 3300 Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    The Model 3300 Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper is designed to maximize throughput and efficiency. It is capable of stretch wrapping between 10-30 pallets per hour without direct operator assistance.  All functions are fully automated saving significant labor, time and money.  The 3300 can handle loads of up to 3,300 lb and has a very small footprint.  It is less expensive than rotary arm models and can be equipped with a top sheet dispenser to provide a weather tight finished package.  Typical systems include a 3-stage motorized live roller conveyor system to automatically index the pallets through the wrapping system.


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