Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

CBE designs and manufactures heavy-duty bulk bag fillers for both manual and automated systems.  Our machines can support a broad range of applications with dry powders, and granulated and flaked materials.  CBE bulk bag fillers are engineered to deliver performance and reliability.  They come standard with dust tight fill heads and controlled dust takeoff systems.  All are constructed of continuously welded 4” heavy wall box tubing and include integrated scales with a 1.5X safety factor.

Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filler 

Model 5100

Ideal for applications with low to moderate production requirements

Configurable for a wide range of powders, flakes, and granules

Filling speeds of up to 10 bags per hour

Ideal for applications requiring moderate to high production requirements and oversized bags

Configurable for a wide range of powders, flakes and granules

Filling speeds of up to 25 bags per hour

Types of Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

There are two classes of bulk bag fillers: suspended “hanging” fillers and bottom supported “platform” fillers.  Both styles can be designed with a gross weigh (fill and weigh simultaneously) or net weigh (pre-weigh and fill as a secondary step) weighing scale.  Most bulk bag fillers are fed by either a gravity flow gate (ex. slide-gate or butterfly valve), rotary valve, or an auger feeder.

Examples of Materials Bagged with these Machines Include:

Building Materials

Cement, Concrete, Flyash, Mortars, Hydrated Lime, Plaster, Refractories, Sand, Gravel

Industrial Materials

Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin Clay, Talc, Alumina, Graphite, Barite, Bentonite, Gypsum, Coal

Industrial Chemicals

Plastic Pellets, Fertilizer, Pigments, Zinc Oxide, TIO2, Iron Oxide, Carbon Black

Food Products

Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Oat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Cake Mixes, Cocoa Powder


Animal Feed, Corn, Soybeans, Seed, Feed, Fertilizer,
Wood Pellets

Capabilities of Bulk Bag Filling Systems

CBE’s bulk bag fillers are capable of bulk filling 1,000-4,400 lb (454-2,000KG) bags, with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products, at rates up to 25 bags per hour.

What Is A Bulk Bag Filler?

A bulk bag filler offers an efficient and economical method of packaging a wide range of dry powders, granulated and flaked materials.  They are designed to operate as either manual or automated systems. Primarily intended for agricultural and industrial applications, bulk bag filling machines are commonly used to package materials like fertilizer, food grains, seeds, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, and industrial minerals and chemicals. 

More Questions About Bulk Bag
Filling Machines?

Bulk bagging machines can be customized almost as much as the materials they move and package. To learn more about Choice Bagging options, products and services, visit us online!

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