Model 510 Bulk Bag (FIBC) Filler

Gravity Style bulk bag filler for packaging 1,000-4,400 pounds. (45-2,000 kg) (super sacks) and gaylord boxed with free flowing powders, granular and pelleted materials at a rate of up to 10 bags per hour (depending on machine options selected).

Model 510
Model 510
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Examples of Proper Application Include:


Fertilizer, Corn, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar

Powders with fine granules

Sand, Limestone


Refractory Materials, Plastic Pellets

CBE 510 and 520 Bulk Bag Fillers can be equipped with:


Slide gate material flow cutoff assembly

Variable 3-position (2-speed) slide gate material valve assembly

Air operated bag strap detensioner (Model 510 Only)

The Air operated bag strap detensioner raises and lowers the bag strap arms to release the bag straps that support the bulk bags during and after the filling process.

Rear pivoting air operated bag clamp arm

Air operated pivoting bag clamp arms that bring the rear two arms of the bag strap release forward to the location of the system operator so that he can more easily reach and secure the bag straps to the holding arms.  The arms will automatically pivot toward the operator station at the end of each fill cycle after the last bag has been released.  Once the new bag has been secured, the operator will push a button to return the arms to the filling position.  Includes all mechanics, controls and integration.


The Model 510 Gross Weigh Bulk Bag Filler is designed to fill spout style bulk bags with powdered and or granular, free-flowing, or semi-free flowing materials. Product can be fed into the machine using various feeding devices including slide gates, auger, or rotary air lock (depending on application. The product is filled and weighed simultaneously. When the target weight is reached, the flow of product will stop automatically. Removal of filled bags from the basic machine is manual process, however, discharge of the filled bulk bag can be automated with other CBE options and products.

Operation Sequence:

The operator will manually hang an empty bulk bag on the filler and secure the inlet sleeve to the filling spout. Then the operator will depress the start button. The weighing scale will automatically “zero” and immediately after activate the designated feeding device (slide gate, auger, rotary air lock, etc.) and initiate the start of the bag fill. Product will then be delivered (by gravity or mechanical conveyance) to the machine from the supply bin above into the empty bag below. When the target weight is reached, the flow of product to the weighing scale will be stopped automatically. The digital controls will signal the feeding device to close or shut off. The operator will then manually dis-engage the sleeve of the bag from the filling spout and a forklift will remove the bag from the machine so that the process can be repeated.

Technical Specifications:

Proper application - free flowing granules, flakes & powders

Fill rate up to 10 bags per hour (depending on product characteristics and options selected)

Weight range 500-4,400 Lb. (250-2,000KG) bulk bags (super sacks)

Base unit capable of handling bags with dimensions up to 48"(121 cm) X 48" (121 cm) X 66" (167 cm) [NOTE: options may affect overall usable height]

NOTE: This machine does not close or seal bags. Bulk bags and liners are typically tied closed by hand upon completion of the bag fill.

Typical scale weight accuracy +/- .5% of target weight

Control air - 80 PSI @ 1 CFM per bag fill cycle

Electrical requirements -110 Volt / 1 Phase / 60 Cycle (units w/vibratory bag densifier also require 220V or 440V / 3 Ph / 60 cycle)

Recommended dust collection - 600 CFM minimum

Standard Features

Carbon steel contacting surfaces

Tubular steel framework

8" Diameter fill head assembly (M/S; non dust tight)

NEMA 12 electrical enclosures

1 Year limited warranty

Standard Options:

Digital load cell weighing scale

Forklift portable (lift pockets built into scale base)

Designed to handle bag sizes up to 45" (122 cm) long x 45" (122cm) wide x 72" 183 cm) tall (maximum size not including bag straps--assuming 10" (25 cm) long bag strap Loop)

Powder coated fabricated components

104-300 4693 Single filler controller

502-200 8" OD fill head assembly (304 S/S; Non Dust Tight)

502-400 8" ID x 12" OD dust tight fill head assembly w/ inflatable bag seal cuff (304 S/S)

503-300 Bulk & dribble (two stage) slide gate material flow cutoff (M/S)

501-700 Powered fill head height adjustment

502-300 8" ID x 12" OD dust tight fill head assembly w/ inflatable bag seal cuff (M/S contact)

503-200 Bulk only (single stage) slidegate material flow cutoff assembly (304 S/S)

503-400 Bulk & dribble (two stage) slide gate material flow cutoff (304 S/S)

NOTE: This filler is capable of bagging both flowing and non-free-flowing materials. Additional specialized product feeding devices may be required. The standard design can handle dry, free-flowing, and low humidity materials.


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