A Commitment to Our Customers

  • CBE, Ltd. will provide unfaltering customer service to our customer by producing dependable, quality equipment, parts and service along with superior levels of performance and reliability.
  • CBE, Ltd. will provide equipment with standardized parts and features to ensure that our customers never have difficulty obtaining replacement parts at prices that are both fair and reasonable.
  • CBE, Ltd. will choose vendors committed to providing the same level of excellence in products and services that CBE, Ltd strives to achieve by providing product lead times comparable with those required by CBE customers.

A Family Business

Since 1978, Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd., bag packaging systems have been the family business. From the beginning, our overriding passion has been to provide unparalleled solutions and services for flexible packaging that exceed customer expectations by continually renewing and improving our understanding of our customer’s needs and deploying time-tested, common sense solutions and proven technologies.

Our founder began the company as a senior in high school selling parts and equipment from his bedroom in his parent’s house with just a telephone and a laptop. Today CBE operates from a facility of over 20,000 square foot has thousands of packaging systems installed and operating in installations around the world. That’s a far cry from where the company began but we are still proud of our humble beginnings.

Our Focus

CBE, Ltd. provides flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders / bulk solids industries including chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral / rock products. Whether flake, granule, or chunk; fibrous, fine powder, freely flowing or not at all; bulk density of 15 or 300 lbs./cu. ft. (250 or 5000 kg/m3); packs, plugs, cakes, fluidizes, agglomerates; breaks easily or separates; CBE has a packaging solution to meet your needs.

Our Capabilities

CBE Ltd. offers a wide range of packaging equipment and systems for dry powders / bulk solids to fill boxes, bulk bags, drums, jars, open mouth bags, pails and or valve bags from 1#-4,400# at fill rates of up to 25 bags per minute.

Better by Design

Long before we ever built our first bagging machine, we were providing service on equipment already in the field. We are intimately familiar with the good, bad and ugly features of past designs and have expert knowledge and experience about what design features make the best bag filling machine.

Growing with Your Needs

Our equipment is built on flexible, scalable design platforms that allow for individualized customization for specific customer needs while utilizing standardized parts. We manufacture tailor-made bag packaging equipment and systems of rugged design using “off the shelf” components and continually refine our designs to be the simplest, feature-full and cost effective equipment on the market today.

Centered Around Service

We are there when you need us. Half of our staff is specifically devoted to field service, customer service, and technical support. Our continuously updated web site has on-line tools for trouble-shooting, with maintenance tips, equipment manuals, and user friendly parts ordering guides to help you find the solutions to get you up and running as quickly as possible and to keep you running.

American Made—American Proud

Our 30,000 square foot facility, located in Taylor, TX, includes divisions for machining / fabrication, inventory / supply and manufacturing / assembly. During your next visit to our plant you will find us building everything from the fabricated steel parts to the electrical controls that go into our products, as well as the complete assembly of our equipment and systems.

The Choice Approach to Specifying Equipment and Determining Expected Results

We don’t offer empty boasts about what our equipment will do for you. We are happy to share our past experience involving a wide variety of materials and applications. If by chance you are bagging something we have not seen before, or want to see results with your own eyes, we invite you to come to our test lab where we can demonstrate the performance of your next bagging machine.

The CBE Commitment

  • Using only quality materials and components.
  • Producing the highest quality equipment in terms of craftsmanship, components, technology and service.
  • Responding promptly and courteously to customer requests for technical support and service.
  • Honoring the equipment warranty in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Maintaining CBE’s reputation for quality, reliable equipment.

Application Case Studies