About Choice Bagging Equipment, LTD

Our Focus

CBE provides flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders or bulk solids industries, including agricultural products, chemicals, construction materials, mineral or rock products and food products.  CBE has a packaging solution for most materials, including flake, granule, or chunk, fibrous, fine powder, bulk density, freely flowing, fluidized, packed, plugged, or caked.

A Legacy of Mastery

CBE stands for mastery, built on multi-generational expertise, stemming from our start in 1978. Bag packaging is not only a career – it’s our calling.  Our legacy is defined by our character, skill, dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence – a drive that defines who we are, and informs who we will become

Making Good
Ideas Better

Over 40 years providing the most cutting-edge solutions for bag packaging challenges has resulted in equipment that is flexible, scalable, and allows for ultimate customization, while utilizing standard parts. We continuously analyze, improve and refine our designs to make them the simplest, feature-full, and cost-effective equipment available on the market today.

What does Choice Bagging Equipment Ltd. do?

CBE, Ltd. automatic bagging equipment, systems, and services are trusted by manufacturing enterprises for their flexible management of every material from dry powders and bulk solids, to chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral or rock products.

CBE also offers a wide range of packaging equipment and systems to fill boxes, bulk bags, drums, jars, open mouth bags, pails, and or valve bags. Our equipment is built on flexible, scalable design platforms, that allow for individualized customization while utilizing standardized parts. Don’t see what you need? Make use of our Bagger Professor Tool to determine the best equipment for your business, or choose to work with our experts to tailor-make bag packaging equipment and systems.

CBE is a service-first company, dedicated to excellent customer service, technical support, and field service. We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality equipment for a fair price and will support you with speed and courtesy.

How Can Choice Bagging Equipment Ltd. Help You?

Trust us for your bag equipment needs 

Half of all CBE staff is devoted to bagging equipment field service, customer service, and on-call technical support. Our continuously updated website has online tools for troubleshooting, maintenance, bagging equipment manuals, and user-friendly bagging machine part ordering guides.

Choice Bagging offers a Guarantee of Quality of Products and Services

CBE doesn’t tell you what their equipment will do for your business. They show you. Contact us to request a visit to our test lab, where we can demonstrate the performance capabilities of your next bagging machine, or call us today for more information on our guaranteed, high-quality products and services. CBE is known in the bagging industry for:

Using only quality materials and components

Producing the highest quality equipment in terms of craftsmanship, components, technology and service

Responding promptly and courteously to customer requests for technical support and service

Honouring the equipment warranty in a prompt and timely manner

Maintaining a reputation for quality, reliable equipment

Customer Reviews

“In 2019 Calico Minerals Processing acquired a substantial account re-packaging Tio2.  The stubbornness of the raw material demanded a re-build of the existing bagging equipment.

Karl’s team accepted the bagger and within 4x weeks had completely re-built the plant always keeping the Tio2 handling difficulties in mind.  The result was a plant capable of handling the toughest tio2 and resulting in close to .2/lbs +- precision.  In addition to the excellent mechanical engineering Karl’s team excelled at communication and was always available if any questions arose during the “break-in period.

Karl’s team provided a mechanical upgrade and saved Calico Minerals $$.

Calico Minerals highly recommends Karl and his team and will always look to them first whether upgrading or buying new bagging equipment.”

Edward Wilcox

Calico Minerals Processing, LLC.

We recently decided to take our manufacturing and bagging game up a notch, by installing automatic bagging equipment. Our factory works with a large assortment of different materials, and needed the ultimate in flexibility and dependability if we were going to take on this project. It being our first time, we wanted to thank CBE for helping us out with the bagger professor tool. We used it to narrow down our scope to only the bagging equipment we most needed, and then were able to discuss the purchase and additional options with an extremely helpful CBE associate. We are off on our bagging journey and confident in our purchase from CBE.

Mike Jordan

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