Model 650 Auger Valve Bag Filler

Gravity Auger Style Valve Bag Filler for packaging 20-110# (9-50KG) bags with free flowing granular & pelleted products at fill rates of 1-6 bags per minute.

Model 650
Model 650

Examples of Proper Application Include:


Fertilizer, Corn, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar

Powders with fine granules

Sand, Limestone, Refractory Materials, Plastic Pellets


The 650 Series Gravity Auger Valve Bag Filler product flows, using gravity, from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. The product flows through the gravity gate into an auger feeder and is then conveyed into the bag. No air is required for basic operation. The 650 series is an automatic mechanical scale gross weighing filler that simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into the bag. The product flow is totally enclosed from the hopper to the bag, with optional dust collection manifold which can be attached directly to your dust suppression system.

Technical Specifications:

Proper application – free flowing flakes & granules

Fill rate – 1-6 bags per minute (depending on product characteristics & bag sizing)

Process air – 80 PSI @ 1 CFM / bag fill cycle (base model does not require air)

Weight range – 20-110 lb. (9-50KG) valve bags

Typical scale weight accuracy – +/- .5-1% of target weight (depending on product characteristics & bag sizing)

Electrical – 220 / 440 Volt / 3 PH / 60 cycle

Standard Features:

Mild steel contacting surfaces

Bin mounted design

Automatic stop

Variable flow gate

Adjustable bag rest

2.5”-3.5” Single wall fill spout (sized per customer requirements)

Standard Options:

Mechanical scale weighing

Manual pull handle start

Gate style material cutoff

Manual bag clamp

1.5 HP drive assembly

601-001 – Self standing frame (required for all electronic scale weighing models

606-200 – Vibratory settling bag rest assembly

610-000 – Digital electronic scale weighing &“bulk only” material cutoff gate

620-000 _ 304 S/S material contacting surfaces

603-200 – Air operated bag clamp assembly

608-200 – Pre-fill bag inflator assembly

611-200 – Variable 2-position “bulk & dribble” cutoff

630-100 – Forklift portable tote bin w/self-standing mounting stand (M/S)


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