Bulk Bag Unloader (hoist style)

Model 4200

The Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Unloader Model 4200 is designed with a cantilevered I-beam, electric hoist, and trolley. This configuration allows it to unload bulk bags without the use of a forklift. Model 4200’s unloading system is equipped to discharge and condition 1,000 to 4,400 pounds bulk bags. Ideal machine applications are free flowing powders, granular, or pelleted materials moving into downstream processes or bag filling equipment.

Model 4200 Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Unloader (hoist style)

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Lower the hoist mounted bag lift rack over a bulk bag setting at floor-level. Secure the bag lift straps. Using the pendant controls, lift the bag up onto the unloader support structure. From the operators platform, the operator will untie the bags discharge spout, inside the untie box, and allow product to flow out.

Sequence of Operation:

An operator will lower the hoist mounted bag lift rack over a bulk bag setting at floor level.  An operator will secure the bag lift straps.  Using the pendant controls, the operator will then lift the bulk bag up into the support structure of the 4200. Once loaded, the operator will lower the bulk onto the bag conditioner and then access and untie the discharge spout of the bag inside of the untie box and allow product to flow out into the process below. 

Technical Specifications:

Proper application free flowing and semi-free flowing powders

Weight range 550-3,000 pounds (250-1,350KG) bulk bags (super sacks)

Dimensions- 180” tall x 68” deep (60” between legs)

Designed to handle bag sizes up to 48”(122cm) long x 48” (122cm) wide x 54” 137cm) tall (maximum size not including bag straps assuming 10” (25cm) long bag strap loops)

Control air 80 PSI required @ 1 CFM per bag fill cycle (base unit requires no compressed air)

Electrical – 115 volt, 1 phase, 60 cycle (hoist -220/440 volt/ 3 phase, 60 cycle) (base unit requires no electrical power)

Dust collection pickup minimum 400 CFM (base unit not supplied with dust collection take-off connection)

1 year limited warranty



Carbon steel material contacting surfaces

4”x4: square tubing support structure ( ¼” wall)

Powder coated CBE almond

Vertical lift adjustment for different bag sizes

2 section assembly with flanged connections for easy assembly support rail with end strops for 2 ton hoise assembly (hoist sold separately)


401-100 Bag massaging agitator paddles (M/S)

402-100 Dust tight bag untie box (M/S contact)

402-300 Dust tight bag untie box with integrated pinch valve (M/S contact)

404-100 Air operated multi-position slide gate material flow cutoff valve M/S contact)

405-200 15” Iris valve (304 S/S contact)

406-400 Vibratory bin bottom bag fluidization system (304 S/S)

407-200 2 Ton Cap. Pneumatically powered hoist and trolley (15’ lift, 8 FPM)

401-200 Bag massaging agitator paddles (304 S/S)

402-200 Dust tight bag untie box (304 S/S contact)

402-400 Dust tight bag untie box with integrated pinch valve (304 S/S contact)

405-100 15” Iris valve (aluminum contact)

406-100 Vibratory bin bottom bag fluidization systems (M/S)

407-100 2 Ton cap. Electrically powdered hoist and trolley (15’ lift, 8 FPM)

419-100 Anti-corrosive package for 400 series bulk bag fillers


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