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Open mouth bag filler, model NWB

Open Mouth Bag Filler

Up to 24 bags/minute
30 lbs – 110 lbs bags
14 – 50 kgs

The Model NWB Gravity Net Weigh Filler is designed to fill free flowing granular materials at high precision into open mouth bags at fill rates of up to 24 bags per minute. Product is automatically pre-weighed into a weigh hopper inside the machine.  When a signal is provided (by a machine operator or automatic bag placing machine) the pre-weighed charge of material is discharged into the bag.

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Open Mouth Bag Filler

Up to 9 bags/minute
30 lbs – 110 lbs bags
14 – 50 kgs

The Model GWB Gravity Flow Gross Weigh Open Mouth Bag Filler is a specially designed gravity bag filler that is designed to fill free flowing granular materials into open mouth bags. Product flows by gravity from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine.

Model GWB Open Bag Filler. Speed and Consistency
in Motion.

Valve Bag Filler

Up to 8 Bags/Minute
20-110lb bags
9-50 KG

The Model 750 Pellet Flow Air Valve Bag Filler has a specially designed pressurizing air chamber for bagging granular products such as seeds, pellets and other pilled materials. It is equipped standard with a built in dust collection manifold which can be ducted to your plant’s dust suppression system.

Just a Few of the Agricultural Materials that CBE Bagging Equipment Has Packaged

Grain bagging, corn bagging, rice bagging, nuts bagging, rye bagging, sorghum bagging, oats bagging, seed bagging, birdseed bagging, dog food bagging, salt bagging, fertilizer bagging, horse-feed bagging, cattle cubes bagging, sweet feed bagging, sand bagging, ice bagging, and more.

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