Model 240 Auger Fed Gross Weigher

Auger Style Valve Bag Filler for Packaging 20-110 lbs (9-50KG) Bags with Hard-to-Handle Powders, Flakes & Granules at a
Rate of up to 6 Bags/Minute

Examples of Proper Application Include:


Flour, Cake Mixes, Spices, Milk Powder, Chemical Powders, Pigments, Flour

Technical Specifications:

Weight range 20-110 pounds (9-50KG) bags

Fill rate: 1-5 bags / minute (depending on options selected, product characteristics & bag sizing)

Bag types: plastic, paper & poly woven Open Mouth Bags

Typical scale weight accuracy +/- .5-1% of target weight

Control Air 80 PSI at 1 CFM per Bag Fill Cycle

Electrical requirements – 220 Volt, 380 Volt, 440 Volt or 575 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle

Recommended dust collection – 400 CFM minimum

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