Clean-Duty Auger Open Mouth Bag Filler

Model 2550

The Clean-Duty Model 2550 Auger Open Mouth Bag Filler can bag many types of powders requiring rapid and thorough clean out between production runs.   It is ideal for sanitary applications or for any need where cleaning after use is necessary to prevent cross-contamination.  A dust tight bag filling clamp securely grips bag tops to prevent dusting during the bag filling cycle.  A heavy-duty auger with low maintenance shaft seals reliably feeds product into bags. Interior moving parts such as the auger and agitator are engineered to be quickly removed for cleanup and inspection with minimal tools.  An air operated clamp securely holds up to 70 lbs. bags from the loading spout.  The machine is self-standing and easily made portable for use in multiple locations.  It has a low head height and requires little space in the production facility.

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Examples of Materials Bagged with this Machine

Flour, bakery mixes, cocoa, spices, pepper, animal grade pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals



Bag filling weight range: 20-70 lbs. (9-32 kg)

Production rate: 1-4 bags per minute (material and bag size dependent)

Material density range: 20-75 lbs. (9-34 kg) per cubic foot

Operating modes: Semi-automatic (operator assisted)

Bag types: Gusseted and non-gusseted paper, plastic film, and poly woven bags


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