Twin Auger Open Mouth Bag Filler

Model NWB-AF

Our Auger Fed Net Weigh Open Mouth Bagging Machine is built for applications requiring high production rates in conjunction with precise weighing.  It can also bag a broad range of finely ground industrial grade powders.  This machine was engineered to manage dosing and filling simultaneously.  Using a specially designed high-flow, twin screw auger feeder, it first doses a metered amount of material into the pre-weigh hopper.  Once there, the substrate is held until a signal releases it filling the bag instantaneously.  In addition, Model NWB-AF prevents material loss by way of a dust tight clamp that securely grip bags at the spout.  Moreover, weights are kept accurate and within tolerances by the scale’s digital display.  Lastly, a hinged drop bottom door under the auger and weigh hopper enclosure makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy.


Twin Auger Open Mouth Bag Filler Model NWB-AF

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Examples of Materials Bagged with this Machine

Mineral powders, cement powders, plaster, pigments, graphite, flour, bakery mixes, cocoa, pepper, animal grade pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals.

Powder in a steel cup



Bag filling weight range: 30-75 lbs. (13.6-34kg)

Production rate: Fills up to 8 (single scale) or 16 (double scale) bags per minute (material and bag size dependent

Material density range: 20-75 lbs. (9-34 kg) per cubic foot

Operating modes: Semi- (operator assisted) or fully automatic

Bag types: Gusseted and non-gusseted paper, paper, plastic film, and poly woven bags


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