Digital Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler

Model GWB

The Model GWB Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler uses gravity to package medium to high density granulated, free-flowing materials at moderate speeds.  It is very easy to use and highly reliable.  The scale has a digital display to keep weights accurate and within tolerances.  All air operated functions allow for quick bag fill cycles to maximize production.  An air operated clamp securely holds up to 60 lb. bags from the loading spout.  The three-position gravity gate with closed, open, and variable intermediate settings allows precise control over material flow.  A minimum of moving parts makes maintenance easy.   

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Model GWB for Granulated Zeolite

Examples of Materials Bagged with this Machine

Deer corn, hard grains & seeds, pelleted feeds, fertilizer, corn meal, plastic pellets, sand (dry), pea gravel


Large particles


Bag filling weight range: 20-70 lbs. (9-32 kg)

Production rate: 1-6 bags per minute (material and bag size dependent)

Material density range: 30-75 lbs. (13.68-34 kg) per cubic foot

Operating mode: Semi-automatic (operator assisted)

Bag types: Gusseted and non-gusseted paper, plastic film, and poly woven open mouth bags


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