High-Speed Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler

Model NWB

Our Model NWB High-Speed Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler is ideal for high production rate applications requiring accurate weighing. It also manages dosing and filling tasks simultaneously.  This is done with an integrated pre-weigh hopper that precisely doses material and holds it continously ready for discharge. When a signal is given, the material is released filling the bag instantaneously. In addition, the bagging machine’s scale has a digital display to keep weights error-free and within tolerances. Exhanging empty and filled bags is made easy by air operated controls that work at the press of a pedal.  Finally, the three-position gravity gate provides pinpoint control over substance flow with closed, open, and variable intermediate settings.

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Model NWB Bagging Deercorn with Bag Placer, Sealer, & Stitcher

Model NWB Bagging Deercorn with Bag Kicker Conveyor, Flattener, & Robotic Palletizer

Model NWB Bagging Specialty Chemical with Robotic Bag Placer, Discharger, & Sealer

Examples of Materials Bagged with the High-Speed Gravity Open Mouth Bag Filler Model NWB

Deer corn, hard grains & seeds, pelleted feeds, fertilizer, plastic pellets, sand (dry), and pea gravel

Food such as soybeans shown here


Chemicals such as fertilizer shown here


Minerals such as limestone shown here



Bag filling weight range: 20-70 lbs. (9-32 kg)

Production rate: 1-24 bags per minute (material and bag size dependent)

Material density range: 30-75 lbs. (13.68-34 kg) per cubic foot

Operating mode: Semi- (operator assisted) or fully automatic

Bag types: Gusseted and non-gusseted paper, plastic film, and poly woven open mouth bags


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