1000 Series Fully Automatic Valve Bag Placers

The 1000 Series of CBE valve bag placers are designed to automatically place and fill paper or block bottom valve bags, offering increased performance and reliability, with user friendly management interface. An integrated digital weighing scale controls filling and weighing. Bags enter the system via a bag indexing conveyor with a holding capacity of up to 300 bags (depending on bag dimensions ) Each bag is pre-opened and tested, before a placing arm secures the bag and delivers it to the filling spout. Filled bags are automatically discharged onto an integrated bag discharge conveyor, to be transported to the next station for bag palletizing.

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Technical Specifications:

Weight range – 20-110 lb. (9-50KG) valve bags

Proper application: rigid paper or plastic block bottom valve bags

Maximum bag size - 26” (660mm) length X 21” (533mm) width X 6” (152mm) valve

Fill Rate – up to 12 bags per minute (depending on model selected and bag filling time)

Minimum bag size - 18” (450mm) length X 14” (356mm) width X 4” (103mm) valve

Electrical Requirements - 240 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle (17.2 amps) or 440 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle (8.6 amps)

NOTE: The above figures do not include air consumption for bag filling machine integrated with the bag placer.


1000 Series Automatic Valve Bag Placers can be Integrated with Any of the
Following CBE Valve Bag Fillers:

200 Series Auger Bag Packers

Dusty, mixed materials, non-free-flowing, and difficult to handle products (cocoa, flour, black pepper, organic and resin)

800 series impeller packers

Fine (100 mesh and down) free-flowing powders between 50-100# per cubic feet (Portland cement, stucco, bentonite, clay fly ash, gypsum, talc and plaster)

700 series Air packers

100 Mesh to 3/8” and/or 100# per cubic feet and heavier powders, granules and mixes (concrete, dry sand, cement, barite, bentonite, gypsum, limestone, plastic pellets, iron oxide, TIO2, salt, calcium carbonate, starch, corn flour, granulated sugar, hard grains)

900 Series impeller packers

Fine (100 mesh and down), free flowing powders between 20-50# per cubic feet ( kaolin clay, talc, hydrated lime, alumina, activated carbon, plaster)


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