Model 730 Pressure Flow Air Packer

Pressure Flow Air Packer for packaging 20-110 pounds (9-50kg) bags with positive flow flaked, powdery, and or granular products at a rate of up to 12 bags per minute.

model 730
model 730
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Examples of Proper Application Include:


Grain, Seed, Flour, Rice, Soybean, Cattle Feed, Bird Seed, Fish Feed, Grass Seed

Powders with fine granules

Peanut Flour, Oat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Milk Powder, Starch, Sodium Bi-Carbonate, Guar Gum


Fertilizer, PVC Resin, Plastic Pellets


The 700 series pressure flow Pneumatic Valve Bag Filler has a fluidizing air slide, powered by an external source of low pressure, high-volume air. Gravity moves product from the supply hopper into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. The product is conveyed using the air slide and is automatically weighed and bagged, using an electronic scale gross weighing filler.

Technical Specifications:

Proper application- powders, pellets, and granules

Weight range 20-110 pounds (9-50kg) valve bags

Control air – 80PSI required @ 1CFM per bag fill cycle

Dust Collection – 600 CFM minimum

Fill rate up to 12 bags per minute (depending on product characteristics and bag sizing)

Typical scale weight accuracy -+/- .5-1% of target weight (depending on product characteristics, bag sizing and options selected)

Electrical -110volt/3PH/60 cycle

Note: Product testing may be required to determine actual bag filling and bag weight accuracy.

Standard Features:

Mild steel contacting surfaces

Scale isolator assembly

Air operated bag clamp and pinch tube material cutoff

1.5”-2.75” Single wall spout (sized per customer requirements)

1 Year limited warranty

Standard Options:

Digital scale weighing

3”x3” Tubular steel framework

Manual start/ stop push buttons

Adjustable bag rest

3 Cubic foot upper pressurizing chamber with 12” Butterfly material inlet valve

106-300 Air actuated powered tilt bag rest

103-300 Bulk and dribble (two-stage) cutoff (must be used with option 104-002)

111-100 Tube cleanout assembly (must be used with option 104-002)

112-100 Dust collection pickup manifold

708-405 Low pressure blower package (for medium bulk density 40-80 pounds per cubic feet)

709-100 Plug stack inlet (recommended for abrasive and on-compressible products)

115-100 Auto start assembly

116-000 Tapered cone

117-000 Time bag seal assembly

708-306 Low pressure blower package (for light bulk density products and atmospherics)

708-503 Low pressure blower package ( for heavy bulk density products (80 pounds per cubic feet)

720-000 304 S/S material contacting surfaces


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