Model 930 Horizontal Impeller Packer

Gravity style valve bag filler for packaging 20-110# (9-50KG) bags with free flowing granular & pelleted materials at a rate of 1-3 bags per minute.

Model 930
Model 930
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Examples of Proper Application Include:

Powders mixed with course granules

Light Weight Cement Mixes (Vermiculite, Polystyrene), Kaolin Clay, Silica


Graphite, Carbon Black, Organic Pigments


Oat & Rice Hull Ash


The 900 series impeller packer has a specially designed horizontal 4-blade feed impeller powered by a vertical drive shaft. Product flows by gravity from the supply hopper into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the horizontal impeller creates a positive draw on the product moving it through the feeder and into the bag. The Model 900 is an automatic electronic scale gross weighing filler that simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into the bag.

Clean Operation:

The 900 series horizontal impeller packer has a totally enclosed product flow path from the supply hopper all the way into the bag. It can also be equipped with our 112-100 dust collection manifold which can be ducted to your plants dust suppression system. Together with our optional 111 Tube Cleanout,117 Expanding Bag Seal Assemblies and a filling spout arrangement that is appropriately designed for your application, the 900 is the cleanest filling horizontal style impeller available on the market.

Technical Specifications:

Proper application – low bulk density powders

Fill rate – 1-12 bags per minute (depending on product characteristics & bag sizing)

Bag sizing and options selected)

Electrical – 220/440 Volt / 3 Ph / 60 Cycle (step down transformer for 110V control voltage included)

Weight range – 20-110 lb. (9-50KG) valve bags

Typical scale weight accuracy – +/- .5-1% of target weight (depending on product characteristics)

Control air – 80 PSI required @ 1 CFM per bag fill cycle

Dust collection – 400 CFM minimum (base model does not include dust collection)



Mild steel contacting surfaces

Scale isolator assembly

4-Blade Impeller

Manual start/stop push buttons

Material cutoff

1.5” -2.75” Single wall fill spout (sized per customer requirements)

Digital load cell weighing scale

3” X 3” Tubular steel framework

7.5 HP Belt drive assembly

Air operated bag clamp & pinch tube

Adjustable bag rest

Replaceable wear liners


106-300 – Air actuated powered tilt bag rest

111-100 – Tube cleanout assembly (must be used w/ option 104-002)

115-100 – Auto start assembly

920-000 – 304 S/S Material contacting surfaces HF hard faced impeller

103-300 – Bulk & dribble (two-stage) cutoff (must be used w/ option 104-002)

112-100 – Dust collection pickup manifold

117-000 – Timed bag seal circuit


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