We Help Engineer & Integrate Bagging Systems into Larger Plants

At Choice Bagging Equipment, we know that no two production lines have the same requirements. That’s why we go the extra mile to collaborate with customers and production line professionals to help engineer and integrate bagging systems into larger plants. And as a manufacturer of our own bagging machines with in-house engineers, no one is more integrator-friendly than CBE. We can work on an engineer-to-engineer level, something no other manufacturer offers.

Bagging Machine Experience Production Line Integrators Need

CBE has over 40 years of experience manufacturing bagging machines for production lines supporting a wide variety of products. Whether you’re representing a smaller company packaging food-grade materials, or a large corporation handling plastics and chemicals, we’re confident we can help you build a line that fits your customers’ scale and budget. CBE also goes to market through distribution when partnering with engineering and automation firms.

Bagging System Design & Engineering

Our process starts when you send us equipment specifications for the bagging machines in your clients’ production line. We consistently collaborate with you to ensure that no design aspect is overlooked. We’re even able to target equipment to specific applications depending on the material being handled. This offers partner firms tremendous flexibility. Here are some of the variables we consider when meeting your client’s needs:

  • Available space
  • Production requirements
  • Plant specifications
  • Material being handled
  • Speed of production

The Right Bagging Equipment Support for Your Team

Partnering with Choice Bagging Equipment will deliver more than the right bagging machines for your customer’s plant. It also includes the engineering support only we provide. CBE has the staff and experience necessary to help provide a top-quality solution. We supply detailed drawings and documentation for all our machines, as well as product testing, and expert assistance with the mechanical and electrical aspects of our equipment.


CBE is a Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Unlike some companies, at CBE we manufacture our own bagging machines and other packaging equipment. This means nobody knows our products better than we do. Our engineers and technicians have a masterful understanding of bagging equipment and will put that expertise to work for you. We make versatile equipment that can be adapted for specific applications. This gives integrators a great deal of freedom when collaborating with us.

Partner with CBE for Integrated Bagging Systems

We collaborate with engineering firms to provide a production line specialized to your client’s requirements. Doing the job right requires an experienced partner like CBE capable of providing an engineered bagging machine solution. Contact us online or call our offices directly at (512) 352-3694 to speak to a representative today!


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