Mechanical Forced Air Valve Bag Filler

Model 7700

The Mechanical Forced Air Valve Bag Filler is a heavy-duty machine with a minimum of technological sophistication designed to be easy to learn and use without sacrificing performance. It handles rugged materials at high speeds yet is extremely durable and reliable with thousands in operation for decades.  Simple air operated controls start and stop the machine.  Weight adjustments are easy and fast using counterweights. When a bag is placed on the machine, the push of a button fills it to weight after which it is released without assistance. 

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Model 7700 Bagging Mortar

Examples of Materials Packaged with this Machine

Sand, garnet, concrete, stucco, limestone, granulated sugar, granulated salt, calcium carbonate

Powders with fine granules


Bag filling weight range: 20-110 lbs. (9-50 kg)

Production rate: 1-14 bags per minute (material and bag size dependent)

Material density range: 30-150 lbs. (13.6-68 kg) per cubic foot

Operating modes: Semi-automatic (operator assisted)

Bag types: Internal sleeve and/or tuck-in sleeve perforated paper, plastic film, and poly woven bags


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