Model 230 Spiral Flow Valve Bag Filler

Auger Style Valve Bag Filler for Packaging 20-110 lbs (9-50KG) Bags with Hard-to-Handle Powders, Flakes & Granules at a
Rate of up to 6 Bags/Minute

Examples of Proper Application Include:


Cocoa, Flour, Black Pepper


Pigments, organic and chemical resins


cement, plaster

Principle Of Operation:

The 200 Series auger packer has a specially designed horizontal screw auger powered by a horizontal drive shaft. Product flows by gravity from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the product is conveyed by the auger into the bag. The 200 Series is an automatic electronic scale gross weighing filler that simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into the bag.

Clean Operation:

The 200 Series auger packer has a totally enclosed product flow path from the supply hopper bin all the way into the bag. It is also equipped standard with a built-in dust collection manifold which can be ducted to your plants dust suppression system. Coupled with our optional 117-000 Expanding Bag Seal Assembly, the 200 is the cleanest filling horizontal auger style valve bag filler on the market.

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Technical Specifications:

Proper application- flakes, fibers, and high density powders

Weight range 20-110lbs (9-50kg) valve bags

Fill rate 1-6 bags per minute (depending on product characteristics and bag sizing)

Dust collection-400CFM

Typical scale weight accuracy- +/-.5-1% of target weight (depending on product characteristics, bag sizing, and options selected

Control Air- 80 PSI Required @1CFM per bag fill cycle (base model does not require air)

Electrical- 20/440 Volt /3 Ph/ 60 Cycle (step down transformer for 110v control voltage included)


Mild steel contacting surfaces

Digital load cell weighing

3”x3” tubular steel framework

5HP belt drive assembly

Manual start/stop push buttons

Manual bag clamp

Adjustable bag rest

2.5” -3.5” Single wall fill spout (sized per customer requirements)

Single speed motor controls (220/440V)


101-500 - Air operated bag clamp

101-600 – Caster mobility assembly

106-300 – Air actuated powdered tilt bag rest

109-505- Vibratory settling bag rest assembly

109-506- Variable bulk & dribble filling speeds (480V)

112-200- Dust collection pickup manifold

113-000- Drum filling attachment

115-100 Auto start assembly(electronic)

117-000 timed bag seal circuit

220-000 – 304 S/S Material contacting surfaces


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