An automatic bagging machine in this day and age is truly a marvel. Even so, an automated system isn’t right for every situation. I’ll explain the pros and cons of automation in the bagging plant.

Not only is it possible to run an entire packaging line with a single operator that used to be staffed by a large crew, but the wealth of data that can be obtained to continuously refine and improve system performance is unparalleled relative to what was possible even a decade ago.

It is possible to access, control, and diagnose machinery that is located anywhere on the globe via computer. Automated bagging machinery can tell us what it is doing and when it is doing it with a high degree of precision. It can be programmed to do just about anything that the mind can conceive.

Automation can be an Accelerator for your Business

You see, I believe that automation is an accelerator. By this, I mean that an accelerator is a form of lever, something that generates a larger result relative to the amount of force applied to achieve it. Automation as an accelerator can take various forms.

Is Faster Always Better?

It can literally make things go faster, they can pace work so that a consistent level of productivity is maintained over time or it can free a worker’s time so that the worker can be doing literally two things at once. But accelerating a flawed process with automation will not necessarily fix or correct the underlying issues in that application.

Accelerating a flawed process, as I hope to describe to you in the rest of this article, only shines a brighter light on existing issues that plagued productivity before automation came along.  Automating the wrong process can make existing problems bigger faster.

Automated Bagging Systems are Not For Everyone

Over the years of building, supplying, and servicing automatic bagging machines I have come to understand that automation is not for everyone. What I am about to say about automated bagging machinery might sound like a rail against it and to attempt to convince you that automating is a bad idea and that everyone keeps things manual. This could not be further from the truth. My company is a strong proponent of and advocate for automation.