A producer of specialty plastic resin pellets on the Gulf Coast region of Texas was utilizing an antiquated bagging machine that was limiting production and had severe weight accuracy problems. The bags being used were undersized so much so that they were full of material before achieving target fill weight. The problem was further complicated by the fact that the bags were given to them by a client that hired them to fill these bags.

Choice Bagging Equipment began by analyzing the equipment that the client already had in service. The existing machine was a conventional type gross weighing auger filler that filled and weighed directly into the bag. The auger was mounted to the frame and was not part of the scale system while the spout that surrounded it was part of the scale. The problem with the existing machine was that the bag would fill with the material before it reached the target weight. Meanwhile, the auger feeder would continue to push the material into the bag. This “stuffing” of material into the bag would cause an influence on the weighing scale as the movement of the auger driving the material into the bag would push the scale around causing the scale to fill erratically.

Choice Bagging Equipment designed and implemented a Model 650 Gravity Auger Filler that featured a scale integrated auger feeder that would start and stop empty. A gravity gate would open at the beginning of each bag fill cycle and drop the desired amount of material into the auger feeder. Because the auger feeder was integrated into the weighing scale, any potential influences caused by the motion of the auger driving material into the bag were mitigated. Additionally, a specialized bag densification system was installed underneath the bag rest which helped to create additional space inside the bag so that the full weight could be filled into the bag, largely reducing the bag stuffing problem. The combination of these two design features completely solved the problems with weight inaccuracies, the additional room created inside the bag by the bag densifier also allowed bags to be filled faster and more cleanly.

The system provided a high level of productivity and changeover to different product grades was effortless with the integrated digital weighing scale by which an operator could key in target weight in a couple of keystrokes.