Over the years, we have provided service for bag fillers of every brand, and every age. In many cases, the older machines are the best built. As it turns out, the old adage “They don’t build them like they used to” also applies to bagging machines.

If you can find one, there are some great machines that are literally built to last 100 years. And although there have been some significant advances in controls and weighing scales, the basic mechanics of old machines have not changed considerably from then to now. Up until now, the biggest problem with old machines was the difficulty in being able to find parts and support for them.

New Service Program from CBE Keeps Old Workhorses Running Strong

CBE has developed a program that is designed to provide a high level of expert support for machines of virtually any make or manufacture. Our EQID™ (Equipment Identification) Program  documents

the specifications and as-built condition of old machines that are no longer supported by their original manufacturer and provide you with an easy straight forward method to give you access to expert technicians who have literally spent decades working on every make and model of bagging imaginable.

Regardless of make, model, age or condition, we will come to your plant, tag your machine with a unique ID tag, create a written specification sheet to document features, functions, and critical dimensions, and picture document your machine from every angle.

Information at our Fingertips about every Nut, Bolt and Circuit

Back at our offices, we create an archive of the information we gathered so that when you call for support we will have access to a full report of technical specifications for your specific machine as well as a picture library of what your specific machine looks like as it is installed in the field.

When you call us for support, all you will need to do is provide your company name, plant location, and the unique EQID number on the ID tag we provided you. Because of the information we have about your machine, we can instantly begin to help.

A Service for Bag Fillers that Saves you Time and Hassle

So before replacing that old workhorse, you might look at it with fresh eyes and consider that support, parts, and service are easier to access than perhaps it has ever been. Contact us to talk about the EQID program or any parts and service issues.