Is upgrading bagging equipment or adding new machines the only way to increase capacity? There have been improvements in technology that make filling machinery faster, cleaner, and more weight accurate. But many times you might be costing yourself valuable production without being aware that you are doing it.

A Small, Simple Change for Boosting Production

There is a relatively small change that you can make that could quite possibly increase your production without any additional changes. Did you know that you might be able to increase how quickly your bags fill simply by increasing their interior capacity?

You can sometimes increase a bag’s length, width, or height without noticeably changing the look of the bag or changing pallet dimensions.  This small thing can have an instant positive effect in decreasing bag fill times and sending your productivity and efficiencies higher.

Big Improvements without Upgrading Bagging Equipment

Sometimes a little can mean a lot. Although a tightly filled bag looks very appealing and stacks well, it can often be the cause of longer than necessary bag fill cycles. Especially when bagging aerate-able powders, the product will often fill the bag to the volume before the bag reaches weight. Even though the bag appears full, the bag filling machine will continue to attempt to fill more products into it because it has not reached the correct weight. If this is the case, the bag fill cycle will begin at a rapid pace (in terms of Lbs or KGs filled per second) and then slow once the bag is filled to volume even though the machine’s mechanics (airflow, auger & impeller) or speed have not changed or slowed. It is a simple matter of not having more capacity to fit more products.  The only way for more product to fit into the bag is to either densify/settle it into the bag or wait for it to de-aerate so more product can fit in both of which take time. Additionally, bag densification can increase the complexity of the machine and increase its cost. Increasing the bag’s interior capacity can be done at little to no cost (if the change is made when bags are re-ordered during the normal course).