With most auger bag fillers, auger removal for cleaning or machine maintenance is time-consuming and requires a technician with the mechanical skill to disassemble, reassemble and properly align the auger before the machine can be run again. The entire process literally takes hours and typically requires a trained mechanic to do the work. But it’s not just time, it’s downtime. Imagine what an extra hour or two of production is worth to your bottom line.

Auger Removal and Replacement in Minutes

If the cleanout is a requirement, trying to clean the nooks and crannies of a screw or the housing underneath the screw is difficult and even more difficult to verify and know that it has been done correctly. To help reduce downtime and maximize uptime, CBE has developed a unique feature that dramatically simplifies auger change-out, machine cleanout, and reduces downtime.

The optional Quick Change™ Auger Assembly allows for the removal of the flighted portion of the auger from the machine without disturbing the shaft seal, bearing alignment, or belt drive of the machine.

A hinged belt guard at the rear of the machine provides access to a locking collar. Once the locking collar is removed from the rear of the auger, the auger can be pulled out of the front end of the machine without further disassembly and most importantly without disturbing the alignment of the machine.  The whole process takes less than a minute.  Putting the auger back into the machine and getting the machine back into production is just as quick and just as easy. The only difference is that everything is in reverse.

Removing the auger simplifies the process of auger changes and cleanout of the housing. The feature is especially useful in food, chemical, and applications where different color products are being bagged on the same machine.