Rebuilt bagging equipment is a great option for many companies Let’s take a look at how Bagger ER.™  Equipment Rebuilding Service brings new life to old workhorses.

Time, wear, and tear eventually take a heavy toll on a machine’s ability to operate at peak performance. Original tolerances are lost. Valve efficiency decreases and seals begin to leak. Over thousands and thousands of bags produced even the best machines can become unreliable. But as long as the machine is still in reasonably good physical condition, it might be a good candidate for rebuilding and /or upgrading.

The Hidden Costs of Installing New Bagging Equipment

Replacing existing machinery with new machines can mean costly projects requiring extensive engineering, modifying or rebuilding supply bins, utilities, dust collection, conveyors, etc. Additionally, time spent that a packaging line is down and not producing is time that an operation cannot make product and more importantly money. Rebuilding the machine you already have can both keep costs down and reduce potential downtime.

Rebuilding the Bagging Equipment On-Site or in Our Facility

Rebuilding the machine can be done either in position in the production area or removed from service in the maintenance shop in an area that is more conducive to working on and repairing equipment. Rebuilding the machine can simply be bringing the machine back to its original specifications or it can be upgrading and updating it for new service or with capabilities that are enhanced above the specifications of the original design.

What can Rebuilt Bagging Equipment Include?

A typical rebuild will include new controls (both pneumatic and electrical) and weighing systems and bought up to date with current technology. It can include replacing all major wearable parts, air cylinders, rubberized parts, switches, hoses, and fittings. If the rebuild is done at our facility, we can also disassemble, sandblast and repaint the machine to return it to as close to new condition as possible.  Additionally, in the process of rebuilding the machinery, we can catalog the machine and detail all of the specifications we rebuilt it to so that ongoing support and service are quick and easy.  Before deciding to replace your machinery with new equipment, please consider that you do have options.  Rebuilding existing bag filling machinery can considerably extend the service life and support-ability of equipment you already have and allow it to provide you with many more years to come while saving your thousands of dollars in the process.