Used bagging machine

Stretching the Project Budget with Used Bagging Machine

We’re not offended if you’re interested in a used bagging machine. Often times when putting together a large project for a new manufacturing process it is difficult to be able to afford all of the pieces needed to complete the system with quality equipment. For some equipment, you might not have any other option but to pay the price and buy new.

Saving 30% – 60% on the Bagging Machine Can Certainly Help the Budget

But when it comes to bag filling machinery, CBE wants you to know that there might be good used options worth considering that will help you keep your project on budget. CBE has an large inventory of used and reconditioned bag filling machinery that can save you 30-60% off the cost of new including open mouth bag fillers, valve bag fillers, bulk bag fillers, bag sealers, conveyor belts and palletizing equipment.

We are always on the lookout for good used equipment to add to our extensive inventory. If you have any surplus equipment for sale (even if you don’t think it is worth anything), we would like to know about it.

Too Much Project Left at the End of the Budget? Think Used or Reconditioned

Used bagging machines are typically sold in “as is, where is” condition with no warranty. CBE strives to accurately describe its used equipment as accurately as possible through written descriptions, pictures, telephone conversations and in-person visits by customers to our facility.

When we say that a piece of equipment has been reconditioned, we mean that it has been placed through a very specific process.  Our definition of equipment reconditioning means that it has been completely disassembled, sandblasted and powder coated.  It has all new bearings, belts, sheaves, cylinders, solenoids, motor controls and other wearables. All reconditioned machines are supplied with a full set of documentation including operations manuals.  All reconditioned machines include a 180 day limited warranty on all parts and components from the date of original shipment.

The next time that you find yourself trying to figure out how to get everything done on a budget that seems undersized, give CBE a call and let one of our applications engineers match your needs with the right machine from our large inventory of bagging machines. Check out the current inventory of used bagging machines here.

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  1. Tobias Armstrong
    Tobias Armstrong says:

    I think it’s great that you’re approaching it from the point of view of a consumer. I totally agree that sometimes it’s going to be worth it to buy new, but others times it makes sense to buy used. Bagging equipment is one of those things that definitely can affect your budget, and when you need to cut spending just a little bit, it can be a huge help. Thanks for the advice!


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