Selling, servicing, and supporting used bagging machinery has been the heart and soul of our company since my family began in this business some 38 years ago. We began as a service company and worked on everyone else’s machinery long before we began building our own.

Over time, we developed a deep knowledge of what worked and what didn’t work based upon what we saw and observed in those other machines. I say all that to tell you this; no one knows used equipment and its value better than we do. I do not mean this in a “sales” type of way. We are one of the only if not the only bagging equipment company I know of that will offer used equipment along with new equipment without any reservations.

At the end of the day, one of our core operating principles is to connect our customers with the bagging machine that is right for them, not necessarily best for us. We do this because we realize that giving our clients good recommendations builds trust and our customers’ trust is what we have built our business on overtime.

With that said, it is oftentimes apparent that customers that call searching for used equipment would frequently be better served with new equipment.

Is a Performance Guarantee Important to You?

Many customers require specific results in terms of weight accuracy, filling speeds, cleanliness, etc. Although we can and are happy to offer our professional opinion regarding what we think results will be based upon our past experience, there is no way that we can make such a guaranty with used equipment. Even with our new machines, we require the clients that are seeking specific results to send us their product and bags that we can set up and test run in our test lab to determine what combination of features and functions will produce the desired results.

Many customers want the peace of mind of a very inclusive warranty to give them peace of mind that they will not run into operational issues during their first couple of years of operation and if they do, the manufacturer will be quick to respond to their requests for service and resolve their issues quickly.

Is a Full Warranty Critical to Your Decision?

I am sure that it will come as no surprise that used machinery does not come with the same warranty as new equipment. Used equipment might have “no warranty” or a limited warranty depending on its condition (usually on parts/components only). Almost always, used equipment does not include on-site labor or support. New machinery, by comparison, usually includes warranties on performance, parts, and labor.

Does Your Application Demand Advanced Bagging Features?

Many customers are looking for features and functionality that were not available when the older bag packaging machinery was manufactured. While very functional, many used machines have designed, weighing scales, valves, sensors, integrated sealers, and other parts that have been replaced by newer, more advanced technology. While time-tested and dependable, they are not always capable of delivering the same results as current technology.

For instance, our Model 230 Spiral Flow Auger Packer has an available “quick change” auger feature that allows the flighted portion of an auger to be removed for cleanout or replacement within 2 minutes without disassembling and more importantly without un-aligning the drive. This is one example of many features that were not available with older model machines that are available today.

Will Parts be Available?

Some customers need the assurance replacement parts will be ready if not instantly available. Although most bagging machines are supportable many years if not decades after manufacture, most manufacturers make stocking decisions for what replacement parts to carry in stock-based upon current sales. As time passes and older and older machines are taken out of service, demand for parts of older machines declines, and thus fewer and fewer parts for those machines are kept in stock. There is no difficulty obtaining parts for used machines as long as users plan maintenance and are not in time-sensitive operating environments. We’re one of the few bag filler manufacturers that offerparts for all brands of baggers.

Used Bagging Machinery can be a Great Idea

Utilizing used bagging machinery is a great way to reduce operating costs. However, there are important considerations that should weigh. Used machines make great fits for general purpose applications and applications where high precision results are not necessarily required. The warranty and replacement parts available for used equipment most always is not the same as new equipment and customers should understand this.